Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forever & A Day 2 (FAAD2)? Why are you still writing FAAD1?

FAAD2 is the second part of this story; Forever & A Day. It can be found here.  This takes place after the first story, centering around the children born in the first. For example, where FAAD1 centered around Isaac and Christy, FAAD2 would focus on Candice. Even though this story is mainly about the children, our favorite characters do surface.

I am still writing FAAD1, because it is a re-write. The original story was written over ten years ago, and it was fairly juvenile, hard to follow and to be honest, very silly. I have been in the process of re-writing this story to make it more up to date and more accessible. And to be quite honest, I can’t seem to let this story go. It’s been such a huge part of my life for so long, I can’t just let it go.

Why does Isaac call Christy “Cee”? 

Isaac’s wife in the story is named Christy (obviously). Her full name is Christy Catharine Camden.  There are three C’s in he name, therefore it made for a cute little nickname for him to call her “Cee”. I didn’t want something as traditional as “Chris” as short for Christy, so I decided on the name “Cee”. This nickname also kind of sprang from a mistake.

I am extremely paranoid of people reading over my shoulder, or finding the hand written pages. So when I write, I use abbreviations for the names. As a rule, I never write the name Hanson, it is shortened to just the letter H. The character’s names are shortened to just the first letter of their names. So if I were to write “Isaac kissed Christy”, it would be written as “I. kissed C.” If I write in public on my laptop or ipod, this shorthand still applies. When the story was first posted on line, there were a few times when I forgot to change the letter “C” to Christy, and it was posted online as just the letter instead of the full character name.  When I went back over and read it as it was posted, I realized my mistake and it simply sounded right for the character of Isaac to call the character of Christy “Cee”. 

Do Luke and Jenna end up together?

Yes. Luke and Jenna are soul mates. They belong together, and they always have. Something that is completely new to me, there seems to be a lot of animosity and hatred toward Luke, which I can’t understand. Luke has always been the perfect person for her, the two characters were designed to be mirrors of each other, complimenting each other so much that it often causes a rift between them. There has been something going on between Taylor and Jenna, but I can assure you that it does not last. Luke and Jen belong together.  If you read FAAD2, you’ll know they eventually do get married and have a child between them.

If Jenna and Luke are meant to be together, why does it seem they are always fighting or struggling to make it work?

The answer is a complex one. Jenna and Luke are meant to be together. If you had the chance to read “FAAD2” you’d know that they do end up together. In comparison to the other relationships in this story, Jenna and Luke do appear to struggle with theirs the most. They are realistic, and although their relationship is kind of a fairytale, it is not an easy fairytale; it hasn’t come easy for either of them. Though they are trying (and will) work it out.

Part of this is because of Jenna. The struggle between her and Luke is kind of a reflection of her own struggles as she had to struggle for everything in her life. She’s the one who struggles the most with what they do and who she is as a person. She knows undoubtedly that she loves Luke, but she still struggles internally with how easy it is to love him, and how easily they fit together. She also knows that love and commitment are not decisions made lightly, and is terrified of making a decision that is seems to be coming to her so easily (This will be addressed in an upcoming chapter.) She’s always had to fight for her way, to fight for what she believes is right and what she desires. Where the others (Becky and Zac, Christy and Isaac) know love when they see it and are sure they have it, to Jenna, it seems too easy and is reluctant to trust something she hasn’t fought tooth and nail to get. She’s worried that if her relationship with Luke appeared so easily, it could easily be just as fleeting.

There is a tiny part of Jenna that believes her relationship with Luke is much too good to be true, and she is half expecting the day when it all falls apart before her eyes. At the same time, she knows how perfect Luke is for her and she can’t believe she has found him.

Was the Character of Jenna in Forever and A Day based on you?

In short, No.

If you look closely, the character in Forever and A Day is named Jenna O’Connor. (See the next question). Notably, her boyfriend is Luke Benson and therefore, should they marry, theoretically, she would be Jenna Benson. In the original chapters (circa 1998), the novel was told in first person, and since no name could be decided on, the narrator was carefully unnamed. However, this proved to be very limiting to a twelve year old, and therefore, the novel was re-written with the character loosely based on myself, and given the name Jenna. Again, in re-writes and to avoid the campy-ness (not a word, I know) of three guy/ three girl fanfic, the character was again altered, but the name remained. The recent re-writes feature a hard edged character.

The thing about the characters of Forever and A Day is that they are all completely different, and yet together, they form this bond that cannot be broken. Becky is sweet and pretty, Christy is dark and overly sexy and Jenna is hard edged and untrusting. In some ways, they’re completely different, but brought together by Hanson. Perhaps all of the characters are loosely based on myself, or perhaps none of them are, I don’t know.

What is your opinion on the stereotypical “three guy/three girl” fanfic?

*laughs*, well, considdering that I’ve spent so much of my hanfic/fanfic writing career with writing that sub-genre, I would say that I’m all for it. Surely it can be a little campy and corny, but if done well, it can be an extremely wonderful story. With “Forever  &  A Day” I have tried to do my best to put a spin on this ridiculed sub-genre. I’ve tried to add plot twists and romantic conflicts wherever I can.

And I mean, really, if you think about it, Hanson’s own love-lives have been kind of like a three girl/three guy fanfic. They met two friends and one non-friend at Hanson concerts, fell in love and started sprouting out the babies… sound familiar?