Posted on February 15, 2008

On July 28th 1998, Forever and a Day began late one night when depressed about being unable to attend the Hanson concert in Toronto at the Molson Amphitheatre. Originally scribbled in tiny notebooks formerly designated for schoolwork, all other work was ignored and postponed to continue work on FAAD. First posted online in 2000, Forever and a Day has undergone many changes and more re-writes than care to be counted. The sequel began sometime after, roughly around the summer of 2000. Forever and a Day and Forever and a Day 2 were written simultaneously for a very long time before the first story was ended in order to concentrate on the second. Now, although the original hand-written pages have been lost or burned, few of the notebooks remain for inspiration. Faded, hard to read, and often dotted with diet coke, dr. pepper and various foods, the original books are disorganized and basically useless, and kept only for symbolic and inspirational value.

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